Sonic in Africa: New Unleashed trailer and pics

Sega has been kind enough to let us know there they have a new trailer and screenshots for the game I am now surprisingly looking forward to, Sonic Unleashed. Ever since I got my hands on the title in Tokyo, I have had renewed faith in the hedgehog, and am now counting it among my big DO WANT releases.

In this new trailer, Sonic goes to what looks like Africa and the first thing that hits me is how the music isn’t generic rock. I know there is some of that teeny rock stuff in the game as well, but it’s great to see some actual nice background music returning to the series. It’s no Oil Ocean Zone, but it’ll do.

There’s also the first of a new developer diary series to read if you’re interested.

I don’t care what the cynics say, I am sure that this one won’t suck now that I’ve had a taste of it. I won’t rule out something going wrong, but I’ve not been this hopeful about a Sonic game in a long, long time.

Jim Sterling