Sonic convention: SonicCon 2010

I…I feel like I could just sit back and let this one take care of itself. I could say all the obvious things and run all the obvious header images. Furry references? Sure. Cosplay fail? Yeah, of course. But this just seems to assume that you’d think that automatically, so I don’t even need to bother. I’m not going to be that guy.

This year a Sonic the Hedgehog themed convention will be held in Plano, Texas. It’s called SonicCon 2010. The cool part is that there will be classic Sonic titles on the Genesis, Saturn, Wii and Xbox 360 to play. And if you’re down for it, there will also be cosplay, videos, art contests and karaoke.

Sega Nerds reports that this even twill share the same showfloor as the annual Dallas Fort Worth Hedgehog Show. No, seriously.

This is a real thing that is happening. I’m not judging, I’m just sharing.

[Thanks, Ray]

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