Sonic 2, Shining Force coming to VC … um, at some point …

I’ve often professed my love for Australia (usually in the form of horrid references to the untimely death of Michael Hutchence), and today, I would like to proclaim once again, that Australia is my very favorite continent populated solely by the surprisingly beautiful descendents of criminals.

The Aussie version of the ESRB, known colloquially as the Office of Film and Literature Classification, recently updated its website to include some very interesting upcoming releases for the Wii’s Virtual Console. To quote the dark corner of the Interweb where I came across this tidbit;

The OFLC has updated its website with some more Virtual Console games, all of them are Sega Megadrive games and the list is as follows…

Streets of Rage 2, Toe Jam and Earl in Panic Funkotron, Kid Chameleon, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Golden Axe II, Shining in the Darkness and finally last but not least, Shining Force.

Of course, the raven-black lining on this silver cloud is that this comes from an Australian authority so there’s no definitive guarantee that they are coming to this side of the Pacific, but, on the other hand, Nintendo has never been one to release titles for the Aussies that they don’t push on us Americans first. Also, it should be mentioned that there is no timeline for the release of these games. They could be released a week from now, they could be released a month from now, or Nintendo could catch you totally off guard and they could be released while you’re busy spying on your sister in the shower. You’re kind of disgusting, and we’re almost positive that your parents hate you, but Nintendo doesn’t mind; you’ll still get all the hot SRPG action of Shining Force you can handle, as soon as you finish with those incestual rape fantasies.

(Editor’s Note: Dude, seriously, that’s f***ed up. — Nex) 

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