Someone made a kickass archive of old Miyamoto interviews

SpriteCell is heading up the charge

Shigeru Miyamoto is a living legend, and has given myriad interviews throughout his rise to stardom. Thankfully, a new project is looking to fully chronicle his start, from start to (whenever he decides to) finish.

Spotted by Nintendo Life, Twitter user SpriteCell has collected a ton of grade A Miyamoto content. As you can see from the full site here, things are extremely comprehensive. You get a general overview of the major years of Miyamoto’s career on the landing page, as well as breakdowns

Right now SpriteCell is “sitting at over 450 entries,” with the aim of “collecting and summarizing every Shigeru Miyamoto interview, appearance, and writing.” It’s a gargantuan task given that Miyamoto is one of the longest-running and most storied figures in gaming, but this project is already a win in my book.

It’s incredibly easy to just flip through and spend an entire evening on this site. For instance, I clicked on the 2010-2014 archive, and stumbled upon an Iwata Asks column about Steel Diver: an oddity I still think about from time to time. Miyamoto not only has a storied career in terms of his personal contributions to the medium; but he also rubbed elbows with some other titans of the industry. All of that is preserved here in SpriteCell’s work! Now we wait for the tons of Tears of the Kingdom interviews to help fill out that 2020 to 2024 section.

If you want to contribute to this project, you can do so here, as per SpriteCell’s landing page:

“If you find an interview, video, social media post, book passage or whatever else where Mr. Miyamoto speaks or writes that is not covered in the archive please contact me on twitter or e-mail me at thespritecell(at) Also feel free to contact me if you see a typo or if you spot some kind of formatting issue.”

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