Some Paper Mario 3DS screenshots for your enjoyment

It’s been a very long night. One last thing before my eyes burst forth from my skull and explode in a shower of blood and ichor. Because Paper Mario is always worth that risk.

Here are three tiny, beautiful screenshots of Paper Mario 3DS. Of the games we’ve seen tonight, this is easily within the top five that I want to see in action on the hardware. I want to observe two-dimensional Mario making quick turns back and forth, doing that paper-flipping effect in 3D. I’m not the sort of person who typically gives a toss about 3D and firmly believe it to be a gimmick which will only annoy me more the longer it persists as a trend.

But this is something I actually want to see given that treatment. Perhaps only for a few seconds, just long enough to know whether or not the effect impresses me visually. But a game I honestly want to see in 3D is a rare commodity, and Paper Mario fits the bill.

Conrad Zimmerman