Some BioShock Trophies will be unique

Tynan Wales, designer for the PlayStation 3 version of BioShock, recently rebutted fan response to familiar Trophies in a PlayStationBlog article. When Wales last gave details on some of the Trophies planned for the game, users were quick to point out that the majority of the Trophies were akin to the Achievements handed out in the Xbox 360 version. This time around, Wales states that sentiment “is not case” and outlines two Trophies unique to the game.

‘A Man Chooses’ is the first of these golden trophies and is reserved for those with the courage to complete Survivor difficulty…The final trial for any committed BioShock player is ‘I Chose The Impossible.’ This trophy is named appropriately as attaining it will make even the most self-assured gamesman into a shaking leaf. To make this your own, you must complete BioShock on Survivor difficulty with the Vita-Chambers turned off.

I love Achievements in games, but I’m pretty sure that this will become an abnormal scenario. I find it hard to believe that every developer will take the time to create unique stuff for us to strive for. Hopefully I’m terribly wrong, but forget Trophies anyway. I’m ready to hit Rapture again.

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