Solo iPhone game dev makes $250k profit in 2 months with ‘Trism’

Just one day after we run the headline “Mobile game sales have flatlined,” here comes this single programmer who claims to have made over $250,000 in profit from his little iPhone game.

Steve Demeter used to develop ATM software for a bank, but he quit and made Trism, a puzzle game for the iPhone. It plays sort of like Bejeweled, but with triangles. The triangles rearrange themselves when the iPhone is rotated.

It hit the iTunes app store for $5. In the first two months, Trism had done “phenomenal business,” earning Demeter crazy profit. 

CNN said that he got the idea after attending a conference in 2007. He started coding on nights and weekends, and by the end of four months, Trism was ready. Since then, Demeter has quit his job and how has a staff of five working at his new company, Demiforce. Naturally, they’re working on the sequel to Trism.

“Apple has made it so easy to put [game publishing] in the palms of developers,” he said to CNN. “You just make it and then you submit it to Apple. If you have a relevant, fun game or application, I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be approved.” 

Dale North