SOE president ‘hints’ at a new PlanetSide

It’s not every day you see an unannounced game mentioned in an interview, but that seems to be the case for Sony’s follow-up to MMOFPS PlanetSide. SOE president John Smedley, talking with The Escapist, said “We have a very big launch coming in the month of March. It’s a big first-person shooter franchise that we’re really happy with.”

Responding to whether or not this was a new PlanetSide he was referring to, Smedley came back with “Could be. We haven’t technically announced it.” And then he went on to say “We don’t have the official name for it. Planetside Next is kind of the working title.”

Uh, okay then! Sorry, SOE marketing team, but you cannot contain Smedley’s enthusiasm. For me, PlanetSide was always that game I wanted to get but never did; we all have one. It’s been long enough that a new title ought to be a substantial upgrade, so I’m excited.

Sony Online Strongly “Hints” Planetside Sequel Coming This Spring [The Escapist]

Jordan Devore
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