SNK Playmore is closing once again [Update]

I just received word from a source of mine that SNK Playmore, the Neo-Geo creator responsible for such classic titles as The King of Fighters and Metal Slug, will soon be closing its doors, at least in the US. This summer, the company will officially cease direct sale of its games and will instead see distribution duties go to Ignition USA.

In 2001, the original incarnation of SNK closed as well, with company founder Eikichi Kawasaki investing in a new company known as Playmore. By 2003, Playmore had become SNK Playmore, sometimes just referred to by the original name of SNK. The new distribution plans happened a while back, but it seems like things are a bit more serious. 

No word on whether this is just SNKP US or if this affects Japan as well. What I do know is that a lot of SNKP US people are out of a job. Well, pretty much everyone from what I know. We’ll let you know more when we hear it.

[Update: This was apparently proven false, but all I have to go on is a leaked email from SNKP US president Ben Herman. I can’t do more than talk about what I read, and I have included the exact words after the jump for you to see if there is any other conclusion I might be able to draw from it.] 

SNKP closing again: 

Here we go again.  SNK will exit direct sales by year end and plans to distribute new stuff thru Ignition USA.  I will help them close down again but my full time duties end June 30th.

Maybe something changed between now and then, but them’s the president’s words. Maybe they’re relocating without telling him or something.

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