Slow news day: build a PlayStation 2 memory card holder out of LEGOs


I’ll level with you — there’s nothing going on today. Granted, it’s Saturday, and the industry news bear generally hibernates. For whatever reason, though, today is exceptionally slow.

Truth be told, this guide (found over at wikiHow) on how to make a PlayStation 2 memory card holder out of LEGOs probably wouldn’t have made it to the front page otherwise. Because let’s be reasonable here — the PlayStation 2 itself does a pretty good job of holding your damned memory cards.

If you have more than two memory cards (and even that’s pushing it, buddy), maybe it’s time to take a good hard look at some of your game saves and let a few “leave the nest.” Look them over and ask yourself: are you really ever going to play Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex ever again? Do you even still own that game? If so … why?

In any case, if you must own multiple memory cards for your PS2 and “you keep losing your memory cards” like the wikiHOW says, then by all means you should make a memory card holder out of LEGOs. However, we here at Destructoid certainly think you could be doing something more productive with your toys.

[Thanks to my wife for sending me this tip and making the bed this morning]

Nick Chester