Six Days in Fallujah announced

Konami are bringing today’s conflict in Iraq to consoles and PC at some point next year. The newly announced game, Six Days in Fallujah, is a realistic third-person shooter that doesn’t address the social or political issues of the war — only the facts according to the real men and women that the developer, Atomic Games, have brought in to tweak and direct the title.

“We’re not trying to make social commentary. We’re not pro-war. We’re not trying to make people feel uncomfortable,” Anthony Crouts, Konami’s the vice president of marketing told The Wall Street Journal. “We just want to bring a compelling entertainment experience. At the end of the day, it’s just a game.”

Judging purely from the screenshots in the WSJ article, I get the feeling that Six Days in Fallujah may have an approach to action similar to that of Full Spectrum Warrior.

This is going to be a touchy game, isn’t it?

[via the Wall Street Journal and Joystiq]

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