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V3ry sh1tt3y passw0rdz no longer allowed

Housekeeping! Destructoid passwords now require a stronger pattern, so please go and change your password to something that's very difficult for an attacker to guess. Help us protect your privacy and reduce bot accounts by making this change this week.

Next week we're going to batch-issue strong passwords to accounts that don't meet the requirement. I realize this is a pain in the ass and I do apologize in advance, but this is a better alternative to having a spam bot take over your account.  This unfortunately happened to one of community members so we're doing our best to prevent it from happening again. It's worth the trouble to fix it for everyone this one time as best as we can.  

TLDR: We require a manual action from you -- You must change your password to something tough, or we'll reset your password automatically in the next seven or so days. We'll be rolling this feature out gradually so we can respond to your support emails in a timely fashion.


What are the strong password requirements?

At least one uppercase letter, some lowercase letters, and numbers and symbols. You don't have to go bonkers. Spam bots will try to guess obvious passwords, like 123456 or dates (don't use your birthday as a password).  Here are 25 examples of bad passwords.

What if my password was already strong?

That's great! Just save it one more time and you're done. Since we encrypt your passwords, we have no way of telling who has a weak or strong password, so we weren't able to exclude you automatically. All we do know is whose password has changed recently. If your password is already strong, great, just save it once to the same thing and you're good to go. If your password's last "change date" isn't recent, we'll err on the side of caution and automatically make a strong one for you. 

Why did I get a password reset email? 

Nobody tried to log into your account - we simply couldn't verify if your account was using a strong password or not.  We made strong passwords mandatory this week, and those who didn't manually create a strong password had one generated at random.  Fix it here.  

I login using Twitter, do I need to do this?

Nope, you're good to go.  Accounts created by Twitter can continue using that login method.  This only applies to accounts created in 2018 by our new "sign up with Twitter feature".  There is no way to migrate an old account into Twitter logins at the moment.

Is this related to my Disqus account in any way?

Depends. If you login on the top right corner of the site and have a Qtoid or Community Blogging account, yes.  Legacy accounts use single sign-on with Disqus and those accounts are intertwined. Disqus doesn't support this feature anymore though, and we're quite frankly amazed that this still works somehow.  If you login to Disqus directly, no, you don't have to do anything.  You don't have a Destructoid account in this case.

Can I login with Facebook or Google?

Not at the moment.  We had this functionality not long ago, but those systems changed and we haven't released a patch that works with those yet.  It's on our to-do list.

Why can't I change my username? 

You can, but if the name is already in use or some special characters of spaces are inserted that can also cause some problems.  Try adding a random four digit number at the end and see if that works. You can change it as many times as you'd like. If you're still having trouble please contact us.  

Why aren't I receiving emails with the password reset?

We may not have your email on file. Add it here.  Also, check your evil spam folder.

Are you my dad?

Yes. And you make me proud.

If you're having any trouble with logins, usernames, or passwords feel free to contact us.  We typically respond on the same day during business hours but there may be a high volume of support emails this week.  Please bear with us.  You can contact us at any time, our friendly mods are standing by!

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