Silly analyst says that iPod Touch will kill the PSP

[smacks head]

I mean, I have an iPhone and plenty of games on it. But it’s not a game system. It’s a communications device that can play some games. That’s not how analyst Nicholas Lovell from Game Brief sees it, though. 

“…the iPod doesn’t have expensive processors or a unique format disc like the UMD; it is an easy-to-use device that offers consumers their music, podcasts, short-form video and accessible games on the move and in my opinion, will be the final nail in the PSP’s coffin,” he says on

The article boasts that there are three times the titles for iPhone/iPod than there are the DS, and five times the PSP. I think that’s because games are easy to make and release for the Apple devices. These numbers say nothing about the quality of the games. Lovell continues to list other silly reasons why Apple’s devices are better than Sony’s. He actually cites “rounded corners” as another reason. 

It’s a totally different market. Sony wants all gamers, not just the casual ones. There’s plenty of younger gamers that don’t have phones or music players, but want game systems. And more hardcore gamers that like buttons. 

Look, if the PSP dies, it won’t be because Apple killed it. It will be because Sony killed it. And Sony is working hard this year to revitalize the platform with lots of hot new titles and not a bunch of half-assed download-ware. Also, there’s talks of the next PSP going around. Don’t count Sony out just yet, silly analyst.

[Via CVG]

Dale North