Silhouette shows off Kojima’s next game

As if three teaser countdowns in a row weren’t enough, now we get to be teased some more about Kojima’s upcoming game. The image above is the silhouette of a character from Kojima’s new game and can be found in PSW. What clues does it give us? About as many as the teaser ads and site do, but dissecting it is fun anyway.

So we have a knife, and a guy with long hair and he might be wearing a jacket. It definitely doesn’t look like Snake, but it could be Raiden or Vamp, right? Isn’t Vamp a master knife wielder? Then again it could be from Snatcher right? The guy in that game wore a trench coat and this silhouette looks kind of coaty. There are even rumors that it is Guy Savage from Metal Gear Solid 3‘s easter egg mini-game. The final possibility, and this is the one I’m rooting for, is that it is a character from a completely original game. I’d love to have Kojima jump into something totally new and different. 

That might actually be the case as Konami has an old trailer for a game called Lords of Shadows. If you watch the trailer you’ll notice the protagonist (or the man who we assume is the protagonist) looks a lot like the shadow on that page. So have we confirmed the new game here?

[Thanks, Adam]

Matthew Razak