Silent Hill: Homecoming doesn’t need a box for PC

Silent Hill: Homecoming will be hitting the PC platform in America this September, and Europe later this year. The report from Actiontrip (via Joystiq) states that the only way eager PC gamers will be able to get their hands on the title is through Valve’s Steam service. That’s right, only digitally distributed creepy nurses will be available as Konami has clearly declared that Steam will be “the only method of distribution.”

It’s nice to know that the title is actually coming to the PC platform, nonetheless so quickly, but it hurts my eyes whenever I read about digital distribution. I feel like a much older man with a death grip on his vinyl as a group of angry teenagers eagerly try to pry the useless artifact away and redeem him with an iPod. Is it so much to ask for a pretty Silent Hill box and physical disk to go alongside a purchase?

Silent Hill: Homecoming and its thankfully improved combat are looking pretty nice according to Tiff. Make sure to read her impressions if you’re still up in the air about the title or you can always wait until I gush about it when it goes retail this September.

Brad BradNicholson