*Sigh* … Yet another Square Enix countdown teaser

Dear games industry,

Please stop putting up countdown teaser sites for upcoming games. Either just announce the bloody things or shut up forever. Putting out teasers is basically an admittance of arrogance on your part, and the endless speculation you get is mawkish and annoying. 

It’s not like Square Enix has even put out much of anything recently that deserves” a teaser, and they can use all the pretty music and “mysterious” number fours that they like, the whole thing will still come off as stupid and pretentious, like all teaser sites invariably do. Could the teaser be about Romancing Saga 4? Who even cares? I’ll give a crap when I actually have an announcement. 

I hope you take the message of my letter into consideration, and make more of an effort to be inventive, rather than dreary, in your future marketing efforts from this point onward. 

Yours lovingly,

Jim Sterling of Destructoid.

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