Shovel Knight Dig gets free Fate and Fortune DLC

Shovel Knight Dig Fate and fortune dlc

Knights into the Knightmare

Shovel Knight Dig is striking the earth once again. Nitrome and Yacht Club Games have announced a free DLC update for Shovel Knight Dig dubbed “Fate and Fortune,” out now for PC and Apple Arcade, arriving later on console.

The Fame and Fortune DLC brings Black Knight into the fray. The shadowy dark knight teams up with Shovel Knight to help uncover the true Knightmare, unlocking Knightmare Mode once players have completed the base game.

This mode is a special challenge, where each stage will introduce new challenges. Enemies could hit harder, resources may become scarce, or the stage may even get longer. Each one stacks too, so expect some exponential escalation of difficulty.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. A new pal Fetcher is also here, who will be waiting at the end of each stage. For a price, he’ll give you a chance to exit the well mid-run, saving your gold and returning the Knight to the Hub.

Plus, there are some Mementos awarded to players for their accomplishments, with which they can decorate the Hub. Add in a new Compendium, new music track, and some quality-of-life adjustments, and it’s a pretty solid update. Additionally, the crew notes on the announcement page that more free DLC is planned for Shovel Knight Dig.

Heading down the well

Shovel Knight Dig was one of several Shovel Knight spin-offs to arrive over the last few years. And with both Dig and Pocket Dungeon, it’s been interesting to see Yacht Club Games let others take a stab at the franchise and see what results come up.

While Yacht Club works away at Mina the Hollower, this new Dig update seems like a good way for eager spelunkers to dive back into the world of Dig. The update is out now on PC and mobile, and will arrive at a later date for consoles. And if you’re eager to pick it up now, it’s on sale on Steam right now for 40% off.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter