Shoot Many Robots will see robots shot in 2011

Demiurge Studios has announced that it will be releasing its first original project for “gaming consoles,” a digital download title called Shoot Many Robots, in 2011.

So far, there’s not that much known about the game, as the game’s teaser trailer is a live action affair featuring rock music and things (presumably robots) exploding in a junkyard. It sounds like cooperative play is on the table; a press release says the game “will deliver an onslaught of innovative cross-genre action that will have multiple players working together to fight through an intense and chaotic robot uprising.”

“Get ready,” says studio co-founder and director Albert Reed, “robots are the new zombies, and we can’t wait to show you why.”

The Boston-area studio has previously worked with other studios, including work on titles like BioWare’s Mass Effect and Harmonix’s Rock Band series.

Nick Chester