Shocker: PS3 will remain the most expensive console on the market

Just in case you don’t like surprises, let it be known that the PlayStation 3 shall continue to be the most expensive console on the market right now. While some think that Sony’s refusal to slash prices is a bad idea, the company is adamant that it’s doing the right thing, as explained by David Reeves.

When asked if the PS3 would remain the most expensive console this generation, he was quite honest about it: “I think it will, yes.

“I’m not saying there are [not] going to be any price cuts at all in the short term or the medium term. I’m not saying we don’t need to do it – we are expensive. It is possible that as the cost [of manufacturing] comes down, we will be able to do it.

“But we’re protecting ourselves with a very hard shell to get through the next one or two years of an economic situation. If you’re experienced, you know you have to go into that mode – it’s like being an armadillo. You have to be hard, and then you will come out when the sun comes out.”

Reeves believes that if Sony can hold out for most of 2009, there will be a “massive uplift” when September/October rolls around. Again, Sony is sticking rigidly to its “tortoise and hare” policy, entrenching and holding a defensive position. So far it seems to be keeping the PS3 afloat, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the company go out on the attack at some point. Siege warfare is all about time, after all. 

Here’s hoping the consumers become more confident later this year so Sony can capitalize with a quick price cut. That seems to be the current gameplan, but it’s a gameplan that’s rooted in uncertainty.

Jim Sterling