Shiggy-signed Gameboy Advance SP

It seems that most of us have moved on from the Gameboy Advance SP by now. I think it was a high point in Nintendo’s portable gaming history, and it had the most amazing battery life. But we’ve moved on since then, right? Even if your DS has been getting all the attention lately, here’s one SP that will definitely catch any Nintendo fan’s attention.

This Limited Edition Zelda Gameboy Advance SP is already quite lovely, but it has been signed by Shigeru Miyamoto, which makes it just as valuable as the Triforce in a Nintendo fan’s eyes. The auction page says that it is one of the 30 signed at the grand opening of the Nintendo World Store in New York City. 

Right now the eBay auction sits at $500 with no bids. If you can justify about $450 extra for a legend’s signature, then go for it. Just be sure to hold it over your head and hum the Legend of Zelda’s “item found” music if you do win.

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