Sherlock returns in 2016

The game, that is. Not the TV show

Frogwares will be releasing a new Sherlock Holmes game in 2016.

This will be the eighth “adventure-investigation” Sherlock game developed by Frogwares and follows last year’s so-cheesy-it’s-amazing Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments. 

As yet, we know little beyond the fact that it’ll release sometime in 2016, and will once again be published by the fittingly entitled Bigben Interactive (even though it’s based in France. Which is weird).

“We are committed to create [sic] an engaging content that will satisfy any gamer willing to challenge their inner Sherlock Holmes”, says Frogwares studio’s Waël Amr.

“We analysed the fans’ comments and needs,” adds Benoît Clerc, head of software department of Bigben Group. “In order to meet their demands, we have the ambition to bring this new game to a much higher level than its predecessors. We wish to offer every adventure game fan a title of exceptional quality which will become a reference in this genre’s history.”

Do you love a bit of “adventure-investigation” and spent time with Holmes and Watson solving stuff in Crimes & Punishments? How would you want to challenge your “inner” Sherlock? 

Vikki Blake