Shaun White Snowboarding is all about multiplayer

When we last talked about Shaun White Snowboarding, we didn’t make any Carrot Top jokes. Incidentally, I just made one by suggesting a comparison. The video above is a developer diary documenting some of the multiplayer aspects of the game. It preaches competition among friends and roaming the open lobby system – two experiences Shaun White Snowboarding will bring to the table.

As mentioned in the video and our preview, the game is boasting up to 16 players simultaneously atop a virtual mountain where players can challenge each other to stunts and races without actually having to initiate a game mode. Also, players will be able to film each other’s antics. It will be like an interactive snowboarding YouTube, minus real broken bones … and snow.

When I first heard about this game I can’t say it really caught my attention. But after reviewing what the game is all about, I’m fairly excited. What do you guys think? Does Shaun White Snowboarding interest you? Will you have room on your shelves for a snowboarding game?

Brad BradNicholson