Shane Kim retiring from Microsoft

Shane Kim, Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment corporate vice president for strategy and business development, is to retire from the company after nineteen years of service, possibly because his job title was too long. His job is to be taken by Microsoft Game Studios general manager Phil Spencer, while chief financial officer Dennis Durkin will fill the new position of Xbox group chief operating officer.

“Shane’s been an instrumental leader in the evolution of Microsoft Game Studios and the Xbox business — from the early days of Flight Simulator and Golf to the launch of the original Xbox, to the successful launches for two of the biggest entertainment franchises in the industry — Halo and Gears Of War,” says Xbox senior vice president Don Mattrick.

“Shane’s passion for this business and industry runs deep and he will be dearly missed. Having dedicated the last two decades to Microsoft, Shane is eager to make up for lost time with his family and friends.”

Kim was one of the more recognizable faces of Microsoft after Peter Moore departed to join EA Sports, and his comments were often featured on the frontpage of Destructoid, not always with a positive light. Goodbye Shane Kim, you were a person that said things for a company because they paid you. May you find good fortune with the next company that pays you say things.

Jim Sterling