Sexy new Resi 5 character approaches! Also, sexy old Wesker returns

Here’s a bit of mid-day sauce for you — this is Excella Gionne, president of pharmaceutical company TriCell’s African office. She is also a relative of the company’s co-founder. I obviously haven’t been paying attention in class, because I’m buggered if I know who TriCell are.

I do remember Umbrella though, and that particular company’s employee of the month, Albert Wesker, is returning and looking as stylish as ever. The former S.T.A.R.S captain and current undead string-puller still has a penchant for black and I have little doubt that he’s lost his love of being a backstabbing, shifty wanker. 

As we know, D.C. Douglas will be lending his vocal talents to Resident Evil 5 and voicing Wesker as he did in Umbrella Chronicles. This means he’s going to sound like David Bowie again, which is automatically brilliant.

James Stephanie Sterling