Sexy 2D Wii sidescroller shall be on show at TGS

2D sidescrolling should have died a miserable death by now, thanks to modern hardware capabilities and the demand for greater graphics.

But recent classics like Castle Crashers and the surefire upcoming hit Mega Man 9 are keeping things alive, and I couldn’t be happier for that. While this won’t set the gaming world on fire like those two titles, VanillaWare’s sidescrolling Wii game, Oboro Muramasa Youtouden, is sure to garner some specialist attention.

The Odin Sphere team’s lovely looking title has been incredibly quiet, but it’s become clear that the game is not dead as some had imagined and that a playable build will be found at the Tokyo Game Show. I shall make a special note to keep an eye out for this at TGS, since any and all sidescrolling action is good … unless it’s bad.

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