Sex with ‘repercussions’ in Alpha Protocol

The tactical-espionage RPG by Obsidian will feature a little beyond just simple intrigue. According to senior producer Ryan Rucinski in a MTVMultiplayer interview, Alpha Protocol will feature sex. In fact, there will be a lot of sex. Rucinski confirmed “a lot of love interests,” and the ability to bed all of them over the course of the game if you’re suave enough. In fact, you’ll have to be both suave and cautious with the ladies you desire.

It all depends on how you treat them. If you have a strong relationship with female characters, they may help with missions…One may ask you to assassinate a high-level person. Maybe that’s not something you want to do, but she’s really hot. But there are obvious repercussions.

The scenes will be reminiscent of Mass Effect’s treatment of the matter, which translates to a lot of side-boob action. There are also going to be Achievements available if your prowess is especially awesome or terrible enough to warrant such a thing. I wonder if you can get an Achievement just for only going after the especially crazy chicks?

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