Settlers of Catan finally coming to XBLA in May; soon you too will need sheep

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For the indie board gamer set, Settlers of Catan is a staple — the equivalent of Mario to the console gamer. Introduced by German board game wunderkind Klaus Teuber in 1995, the game has gone on to be translated into twenty five languages and won the 1996 Origins award for Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Board Game. The announcement of Catan’s adaptation for XBLA caught the attention of many a gamer, but for a while there was no confirmed date on the release of the title.

Per Catanlive, it seems the wait is over come May. Only a few more weeks before you can be pitifully short of sheep! For those of you who have never played, Catan is a strategic trading game where you and your opponents are colonizing the newly discovered island and fighting for power. Unfortunately drowning them is not an option, but you can do your best to screw them by cutting off their supply of goods. The addictiveness of screwing over your opponents never fades away, does it?

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