Sega to skip Gamescom for commercial reasons

Gamescom has grown up to be the biggest show in our industry, actually exceeding Tokyo Game Show last year in attendance. Is it the show to be at? I’m not convinced, but my boss, EiC Nick Chester, will swear up and down that it is.

The way Sega makes it sound, they would like to be there, but it’s just not good for the pocketbook right now. They have just announced that they will not attend the Cologne, Germany event in August of this year. Here’s their statement on Gamescom attendance:

“The decision not to show at this year’s event was not down to the location of Cologne and will not mean that Sega will never attend gamescom in the future, but simply a commercial decision made for 2010.”

Or, it means that we showed off what we wanted to show at E3, and our new stuff won’t be ready until TGS.

Sega to Miss Gamescom 2010 [Spong]

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