Sega says Sonic RPG will come this year

You still give a crap about Sonic? Good for you. You will be happy about this news then: Sega has confirmed that the Sonic RPG announced for the Nintendo DS, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, will be released this year. Sega has been careful to trickle new information very slowly on this one, but that’s something for Sonic enthusiasts to look forward to. There are some new screenshots as well, which you can find in the gallery.

I liked Sonic a lot when Sonic the Hedgehog came out, and I actually played several of the entries in the series after that. It was after realizing the that series currently has FIFTY TWO entries (including collections, spin-offs and the handheld titles) that I started to truly resent the Sonic phenomenon. No one character needs that many games about them, no matter how amazing their ring-gathering skills might be. Sorry, Sonic fans. It’s just the way I feel.

My love for the DS is unparalled however, so I’m flirting with the idea of checking this out because its on that console and also because it has an RPG theme. I may have to take horse tranquilizers to keep my Sonic rage within, but I’ll do my best.

[Via VideoGamer — thanks, Adam] 

Colette Bennett