Sega Presents Touch Darts: The most English game ad you’ll ever see



Due for a European release on the 15th of this month (ie. tomorrow), Sega’s upcoming DS darts game is an intriguing prospect. Using the touchscreen to throw the titular pixie’s spears, players can engage in the expected array of tournaments, multiplayer matches and mini-games, all while playing as any one of a host of “outrageous characters” (Hey, at least they didn’t say “zany”). 

What really grabs the attention though, is the sheer level of colloquialism in the trailer. With the Cockney commentary and some excessively chirpy Chas ‘n’ Dave-style piano music, the ad is like a flashback to the British videogame marketing of the late ’80’s, and had me pining for the good old days of Bullseye (The show and the Spectrum game) in no time. It’s all hilariously jarring after the traditional gravelly “Sega” voiceover at the beginning. 

Anyway, check it out and see if you’re tempted. Just don’t blame me if you end up doing this

[Via IGN

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