Sega clears up Sonic Unleashed release date issue

The other day we posted a curious bit of news concerning Sonic Unleashed, where it looked likely that the game was delayed in Japan for “quality” issues, while the North American release had not changed at all. This led some to the logical conclusion that Japan would be receiving a superior version.

Sega got back to Destructoid and kindly directed us to a Japanese statement, found here, which claims that the Japanese delay is part of its “sales strategy and marketing schedule.” According to Sega of Japan, there will be no difference in quality between the different territories.  

Sonic Unleashed is still due this month, although the dates seem to be in some confusion. A recent Kikizo interview suggested that Sonic Unleashed would hit the UK this week, but that later turned out to be erroneous. The game is finished for both North America and Europe, however, so it should surface very soon.

To Sonic fans living outside Japan,

In our previous November 7 post to this home page, we informed you that the release date of Sonic World Adventure in Japan on PS3 and 360 will be delayed. Based on that announcement, some fans living overseas have become concerned that there will be a difference in quality between the version of the game released in Japan and the version released outside of Japan. This is not the case and we apologize for this misunderstanding.

The difference in the international release dates is based on the sales strategy and the manufacturing schedule. There will be no quality difference between the North American/European/Asia release and the Japanese version. Please be assured we are doing our best to deliver a top quality experience to people all over the globe.

We still cannot announce the release date in Japan, but we should be able to do so shortly. Our apologies to Sonic fans in Japan, who we must ask to wait a while longer.”

Sonic Team is proud to present you Sonic Unleashed (Sonic World Adventure). You will be able to experience the best Sonic ever in no time!

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