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See why Mushroom 11 was one of my favorite games at PAX East


A fantastic adventure puzzler

Alex Bruce, the man behind Antichamber, was at PAX East with no game to show off at all. He was simply there purely to help out other indies. I saw a lot of indies supporting other indies at PAX, as a matter of fact. In this particular case, I ran into Alex while he was playing Mushroom 11. We talked for a bit, and then he convinced me to take his spot and play what would become one of my favorite games of the show.

Holmes interviewed the Itay and Julia, the duo behind Mushroom 11 and detailed the concept behind the game. Players have to guide a blob through levels by essentially destroying it along the way. It's a quirky setup, and something I honestly haven't been able to stop thinking about since I got my hands-on with it.

Check out Darren's preview on Mushroom 11 for a more in-depth description on the game's mechanics.

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