See the 3DS Augmented Reality cards in action

I love the whole Augmented Reality system that Nintendo has put into the 3DS. It’s like a bunch of fun bonuses with purchase. I didn’t buy the 3DS for this stuff, but these cards and games are a really neat way to show off several different types of technology working together. You get touchscreen, 3D, and graphics tech all layered into something that’s going to blow young minds when they finally see it. 

I won’t spoil all the AR stuff for you, but you’ll see what the initial AR card and application do when you first use them on the Nintendo DS. Beyond what’s shown in this video, I was also able to throw down cards on my desk to generate Mario and Peach and then pose them and photograph them. That’s not very useful, but it sure is fun. I can’t wait to see what else Nintendo and third parties do with this.

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