SDCC: Shadow Complex is speed run friendly, has Achievement

The average playthrough time of Epic Games and Chair Entertainment’s Shadow Complex comes out to be between 10 and 12 hours, but even then, they find that players are only scratching the surface as far as powerup and item collection goes. It could be even longer, and that’s not counting some extra time-based challenges in a different game mode. But could it be done faster? What about the speed run fans? Chair’s Donald Mustard told us that the upcoming Metroidvania-ish Xbox Live Arcade side scroller game was built for speed runs.

“The best Metroid players could beat Metroid  in under two hours at 100 percent,” Mustard told us in an interview. “We put in an achievement for it. You can beat the game in under two hours if you’re good enough.”

When we asked Mustard if he could beat his own game in two hours, he said: “I can do it. It can be done.”

“I’ve done it without cheats. Some of our guys can do it even faster.”

From what I’ve played, I can’t even imagine beating Shadow Complex in two hours. Look for our full preview from Comic-con later today.

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