SDCC: Comic-con’s cosplay collection, part one

Cosplay pictures. It’s what you do at these things. Sure, there’s games and comics and movies and celebrities, but you have to do the cosplay photo collection sometime. We’ve put together a gallery for you featuring some of the better ones we’ve come across so far, with help from our friend Flynn De Marco.

There’s not as much game-related stuff as I hoped there would be, but what can you do? What we have seen is fantastic, but they’re beat out by the comic and anime/manga stuff. Naturally, G.I. Joe is huge this weekend, as is Batman. Of course, there’s always Star Wars and Superman stuff. I saw the hottest Supergirl yesterday. For the time, a picture would not have been appropriate. I’ll see what I can do.

Mind you that the weekend is still young, and that the best stuff happens on Saturday. Look for more photos throughout the weekend here on Destructoid as well as on Japanator.

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