Scratch: The Ultimate DJ gets new developers

It looks like we’re finally past all the drama that came about with Scratch: The Ultimate DJ, between Genius, Numark, and Activision. Today we can announce that Scratch has new developers: Commotion Interactive, the music and party game division of Bedlam Games. That’s great news, as we can get back on track for early 2010 release on both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Nothing has changed as far as development or game direction goes. Fred Galpern, Gaming product manager at Numark, tells Destructoid that the game play has not changed under this new development team.

“The game itself will remain true to what has been released in the press so far,” Galpern says. “The core gameplay has received some well deserved praise through focus tests and the sweet party we threw at E3. With so much positive feedback, we’re not planning to change the core features.” 

It sounds like the game is in good hands with Commotion Interactive. Galpern says that the team is passionate about both gaming and hip hop, and calls their progress to date “truly amazing.”

“The Commotion team is comprised of developers that come from a wide variety of respected studios including Rockstar, Ubisoft and EA,” Galpern tells us. “While this is Commotion’s first music game, the combination of their game development background and true appreciation of hip-hop makes them the perfect team.”

And as far as the competition, Activision’s DJ Hero, goes, they don’t sound worried at all: “We are focusing launching our own game and making it the best in the genre.” 

Destructoid wishes the whole Scratch team the best of luck. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on that Numark turntable and Akai MPC touchpads.

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