Scratch features a turntable controller, characters more hip than you

Honestly, I don’t know much about Genius Products upcoming PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game Scratch. I do know that the game will be played with an turntable-style controller, and will feature over 60 licensed and original hip-hop songs. I also know that Quincy Jones Jr. (the son of mega-producer Quincy Jones) is involved in the game’s production. 

That’s about it, really. 

Today, we received some new screenshots and information on two characters that will appear in the game, DJ Travis and DJ Sakura. Travis is a skater-type, Sakura is a bubbly, fashionable Japanese chick. This information isn’t as important as how the game will play (it looks a bit like other peripheral-based music games) or how we’ll use this turntable controller (which is being designed in conjunction with Numark), but it will have to do. 

The official Scratch Web site promises that it will launch in 45 days from today. I’m not good with the mathematics, but I think that puts it sometime in February. We’ll be waiting.

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