Scraps: Wait, was E3 last week or something? (7/21/08)

With E3 behind us, I did some reflection and realized that I felt I hadn’t really played that many games while in Los Angeles. Polling some fellow “journalists” (many of which are actually respectable), it seems I wasn’t alone. 

I’m not sure that I like E3. I’m glad it’s over, and I’m glad to be back with you fine normal folks. The videogame industry is full of a bunch of God damned weirdos, let me tell you. 

  • Holy crap, people are still playing Donkey Kong … for points? Go Steve Wiebe, go! [GoNintendo]
  • We played Resident Evil 5, too, and we noticed it had the same control scheme as RE 4. So you can’t run and shoot. Yet. But we heard a few things and would suggest we talk about this again after Tokyo Game Show. That’s all we’re saying. [PSX Extreme]
  • Nintendo’s smiley Cammie Dunaway is like the Joker, smiles all of the time. [Wired]
  • Miyamoto thinks WiiMusic is “better than a game.” That’s like us saying we think an apple is better than toothpaste. [CVG]
  • Metal Gear Online stops working, no one knows why. Konami blames “influx of traffic.” We think it’s an Internet poltergeist. [IGN]
  • Earthworm Jim’s daddy, Dave Perry, s**ts all over E3. [GamesIndustry]
  • Don’t like the new Xbox 360 dashboard? Well, you’re stupid. But you don’t have to use it, says Microsoft’s Major Nelson. [CVG]

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Nick Chester