Scraps: Typing with one hand (9/8/2008)


I only have one hand to type this out with and it’s really slowing me down. No, it isn’t because I’ve been drooling over Haggar’s moustache. Community member Qalamari sent me one of those kickass Fallout 3 hand puppets from PAX and I can’t bear to take it off. He has another one too, and is running a contest over in our cblogs to give it away. 

While my productivity today has been fettered, the same can’t be said for the rest of Destructoid. There are a few stories that we skipped over, however, and they are listed below for your appraisal.

  • Xbox boss Phil Spencer believes that 360 games could be extended with some iPhone functionality. [CVG]
  • The AARP held their Life at 50+ expo last week in Washington and Nintendo arrived armed with elderly gamer bait: Wii Sports and Brain Age. [GamePolitics]
  • The producer of the new Max Payne film wants to try and bring Duke Nukem to the silver screen next. In other news, Friedrich Nietzche bursts forth from grave, declares, “I told you so!” [Kotaku]
  • D3 has one of the best product descriptions I’ve ever seen. If I didn’t already want Onechanbara for Wii, this would totally sell me on it. [CypherVR’s cblog]
  • Gamestop’s CEO isn’t worried about the rise of digital distribution, claiming it won’t have a serious impact on the market until 2020 or later. [GameDaily]

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a puppet show to perform.

Conrad Zimmerman