Scraps: There is not an echo in here (9/3/2008)


I was playing some Castle Crashers over Xbox LIVE tonight with Colette and my woman. Having never taken a second person online over the same 360, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that I wasn’t hearing the old ball and chain’s voice through my headset. I’m sure this isn’t new to a lot of people, but it’s one of those things that I expect to be overlooked in the design of an online system.

Speaking of things being overlooked, here are some of the stories we didn’t bother writing about today:

  • Realtime Worlds has declared that there will be no more Crackdown DLC coming. I’m starting a betting pool on how long until Crackdown 2 is announced. [CVG
  • Team Ninja is going to announce three new action titles at TGS. No other specifics exist but I’m hoping at least one of them will not have the words “Ninja” or “Dead” in the title. [IGN]
  • The beta for Resistance 2 has been delayed by a month. PS3 owners will have to wait until early October to put the multiplayer through its paces. [CVG]
  • A free multiplayer add-on for Sega’s Incredible Hulk hit Xbox LIVE today. Is anybody still playing that? [Kotaku]
  • There’s some concern that the Xbox-exclusive DLC for GTA IV might not arrive until early 2009. Adding to the fear, both Microsoft and Take-Two are keeping lips zipped. [Gamepro]
Conrad Zimmerman