Scraps: Shark riding is fun! (7/28/08)

Today, The Behemoth’s long-awaited Xbox LIVE Arcade title Castle Crashers was finally given a release date. Word is that you can ride a shark in that game.

That is all: 

  •  Over three-minutes worth of Sub-Zero fatalities for the children. [Gametrailers, created by Glare]
  • Will we see the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII well before it lands on the Xbox 360? Fanboys … fight! [GamePro]
  • For some reason, people are still interested in Counter-Strike, and Valve may consider bringing it to Xbox LIVE Arcade. [CVG]
  • Billy Mitchell’s hair gets a trading card. [GamePolitics — thanks, power-glove]
  • Nintendo has no plans to release colored Wii consoles anytime soon. When sales slow down, I’m sure they’ll be announced, Nintendo will bundle them with [insert casual game title here] and they’ll market it like it’s the second coming. [MCV UK]
  • Max Payne star Mark Wahlberg won’t play the game that the film is based off of because he’s too responsible. I’m sure he watched plenty of porno before filming Boogie Nights, though. [People]
  • Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 may eventually make its way to PSN. Good thing, too — it freakin’ rules. [1UP]
  • Prince of Persia Classic quietly coming to PSN. [GamerBytes]

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