Scraps: Requiem for a Robocop (7/24/08)

Finally, the reason why Darren Aronofsky’s people weren’t returning my calls regarding the Face Face movie — he’s directing a new Robocop film. 

You read that right, folks. The director behind such films as Requiem for a Dream, Pi, and The Fountain will be bringing the “part man, part machine, all cop” back to the big screen some time in 2010. I guess he wanted to challenge himself.

  • 360 Burnout Paradise update is going to keep getting delayed until Criterion just says it’s been canceled. [Criterion]
  • Bungie all like “WTF?” at Microsoft’s decision to not announce a new Halo title at E3. [Eurogamer]
  • Liu Kang is back in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe … and he’s not dead! [Gamekaze]
  • Seriously, there’s a Max Payne movie coming out. It was not a dream. []
  • This is a new Final Fantasy XIII trailer that’s old. What? [Gametrailers]
  • Nintendo, Sony ain’t afraid of that iPhone gaming stuff. Maybe it’s just a fad! [MTV Multiplayer]
  • More impossible Dragonforce s**t coming to Guitar Hero III. [Roadrunner Records]

Send your videogame-related news and tips to [email protected] … because this whole Aronofsky directing a new Robocop thing has us frazzled. Oh, and did we mention that David Self (Road to Perdition) is writing this film? What planet do we live on?

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