Scraps: MMOs don’t have it easy today (7/11/08)

Is it safe to come out? I know that Justin was already threatened by Chester, but trust me, I had it worse here at the office. After coming back from lunch today, I got a message reading, “If you ever want to see your precious Dale North on Japanator again, you’ll write Scraps this week.” It was written in a combination of blood and… some other bodily fluid. And yes, Scraps was in a different color, as though he thought he could hyperlink on paper.

So, in order to save Dale North and all his hard work on Japanator, I bring you these tidbits to finish off your late night of gaming with:

  • Metal Gear Online‘s Gene Expansion is up, offering survival mode, new characters, maps, and a whole lot more! [Konami
  • The new Sonic Unleashed teaser trailer is about as scary as Quarantine looks to be. [G4’s The Feed]
  • Warhammer Online is cutting 2/3 of the game’s capital cities and four classes before launch for “quality reasons.”[Joystiq]
  • Winners for the Xbox 360 Games for Change challenge were announced today over in Paris, with CityRain winning. [GamePolitics]
  • Play-Asia is having 25% off most in-stock items this month, so import away! [Siliconera]
  • New fantasy MMORPG, Lost Eden, has been announced by Korean company Zemi Interactive. What, it’s not my fault you can’t read Japanese! [4Gamer]

And that’s about it. I hope you guys like this, because I fear that one by one, Chester will start killing off the Japanator staff. I told Niero to let the Japanator staff have our own moat, but he said it wasn’t necessary. Well look what’s happened now! I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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