Scraps: 7/3/08

During a recent appearance on an Australian radio show, famous blonde person Pamela Anderson called another famous blonde person, Jessica Simpson, a “bitch” and a “whore.” Her exact words were, in fact, “I think she is a bitch and a whore.” All of this over meat, for cryin’ out loud.

We hate it when our ex-girlfriends fight. We spent much of the day trying to clear up this whole mess, and we almost missed this stuff: 

  • MTV Multiplayer pings some developers and asks them who they killed in Grand Theft Auto IV. For the record we, uh, killed everyone; that hot dog vendor didn’t look right. [MTV Multiplayer
  • The first episode of the Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe podcast, the MKast, is live. Hear people yell “Finish him!” and “Toasty!” at each other for sixty minutes. [Worlds Collide]
  • Vagina Hero. That is all. [Ripten]
  • Insecticide Part 1 for the PC is now available for $14.99, and they swear — no, really — that it’s better than the Nintendo DS game. []
  • Activision breaks records with Guitar Hero: On Tour, which sold over 300,000 units within its first week. That means roughly 1,200,000 fingers are really cramped right now. [Press release]
  • 2K Games considering layoffs at Prizefighter dev Venon Games. Don King thinks the ridiculosity of the whole thing is preposterousisus. [Next Gen]
  • Epic is dedicated to running some dedicated servers for Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament III. [Epic forums  — thanks, power-glove]
  • Our tax dollars at work: ten Pokémon that can find and kill Osama Bin Laden. [Modojo]

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Nick Chester