Scraps: 7/1/08

Hey, did you see that G4’s X-Play (possibly) inadvertently leaked that Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” is going to be a song in Rock Band 2? JOURNEY, PEOPLE.

All night, all night … oh, every night. So hold tight. Hold tight. Oh baby hold tight, and check out some of these news scraps for the day:

  • Hey, check out these supposed Geometry Wars 2 achievements … wait, what? OMG! F**kin’ Geometry Wars 2! [Xbox360Achievements]
  • This Resistance 2 trailer looks totally badass, even through the crappy lens of YouTube. Do want. [MadNinja’s Cblog]
  • For those of you who like reading your videogames instead of actually playing them, there’s a new Street Fighter comic coming soon. [Active Anime]
  • Postal coming to Blu-ray and DVD on August 26. There’s nothing funny to say about this; it’s just happening, and we can’t stop it. [MovieWeb]
  • Buzz! Quiz TV will be one of the first Blu-ray games to support PS3 trophies, because Sony knows no one will buy it unless it does. [VG247]
  • Crash Bandicoot Racing is coming to the obvious Nintendo DS killer, Apple’s iPhone. [YouTube]

Send your videogame-related news and tips to [email protected] … because there’s going to be a Journey song in Rock Band 2, so we’re going to hibernate until it comes out.

Nick Chester