Scraps: 6/26/08

When we heard that actress Scarlett Johansson was email pen pals with presidential candidate Barack Obama, it made us so happy. What a cute couple those two would make. We even wrote fan fiction. 

But today, our dreams were crushed when Obama came out and said “I barely even know that crazy b**ch!” Needless to say, we cried a lot today, and we might have forgotten to tell you about this stuff:

  • The BioShock team doesn’t hate Ken Levine, and that time when they tried to poison his coffee was a harmless joke. [Next Gen
  • The Game Designer Formerly Known as Cliffy B thinks that Xbox LIVE should have party features standard. [CVG]
  • MOAR CHOBOT! IGN Strategize now available on Xbox LIVE. [IGN]
  • Industry Nostradamus Michael Pachter says an Xbox 360 price drop makes sense. []
  • Call of Duty Web site re-launched, now all World at War-y. []
  • Civ IV: Colonization more offensive than Resident Evil 5? [Variety]

Send your videogame-related news and tips to [email protected] … because we’re still looking for pictures from Barack Obama’s Maxim shoot. Or was that Scarlett Johansson we were looking for? We’ll take what we can get.

Nick Chester