Schwarzenegger steps away from the Conan to breathe

This is quite funny, probably because no videogame example could better highlight Arnold Schwarzenegger’s blatant hypocrisy better than THQ’s recent, awful, Conan game. The California Governor, as we all know, has tried to pass an unconstitutional videogame law in the past, and has been on the warpath against violent games for a while. How ironic that one such games is Conan, a game that draws from the same violent, sexist, bloodsoaked stories as the Conan movies in which Schwarzenegger himself has starred.

The “Governator,” who has made money by starring in so-called “violent” videogames, has decided to wisely distance himself from THQ’s game, which has no relation to the movies but shares the source material. Conan is currently on Leland Yee’s hitlist as one of the “ultra-violent” videogames that he is warning parents about. Yee’s (failed) videogame law would restrict the sale of THQ’s Conan among other games, while Schwarzenegger’s own Conan movie would be under no such regulations.

While a spokesman drew the dividing line between Arnold and the Conan game, he gave no comment as to what the governer’s opinion on the title may be. Yeah, probably best Mr. Schwarzenegger shuts the hell up on that one, lest he look like even more of a self-interested hypocrite.

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