Schilling’s RPG to be published by EA

Curt Schilling’s mysterious RPG will remain mysterious in the immediate future, but at least it has a codename and a publisher. Earlier this morning it was announced that the MMO, freshly codenamed as “Project Mercury,” is slated to be an EA Partners-published title.

The game is still being developed by Big Huge Games, a subsidiary of Schilling’s 38 Studios. In the publishing announcement this morning it was mentioned that Big Huge is being led by Ken Rolston, the lead designer for Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls III and IV, which seems like a nice tease of what we should expect from the still-secret fantasy RPG. The speculation spirits tell us to think about “Project Mercury” as a breezy, action-oriented RPG. Game writer R.A. Salvatore isn’t exactly known for slow-paced (or coherent) narratives.

Brad BradNicholson