Samurai Showdown II comes to the Wii VC

I love me some SNK, and one of my favorite things to come from them is Samurai Showdown. I don’t know why, though. I suck. Seriously, I’m horrible. I’m solely responsible for 72% of Haohmaru’s total lifetime deaths. Sorry ’bout that.

Well, now he can die even more with the announcement of Samurai Showdown II for the Wii Virtual Console. Get ready for some of the best Engrish ever when it launches next Monday, August 4th, and will available for 900 Wii Points. This version added new moves and more players, for a total of 16.

Speaking of Wii and Samurai Showdown, the Wii version of SNK Arcade Classics just came out last week (check out our PS2 and PSP review here), and contains the first Samurai Showdown.  Of course, if you’re a series fan, you might want to hang out until this fall, when the Samurai Showdown Anthology hits the Wii. It will contain the first six games of the series, for the reasonable price of $29.99.

And of course, all of this is a huge tease for the upcoming Samurai Showdown: Edge of Destiny. Hit the jump to watch the very trailer I saw earlier this year at GDC. It’s been haunting me ever since!

Oh, sorry Samurai Showdown II VC. I didn’t mean to take the spotlight away from you. Will you be downloading this come Monday?

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