Sam’s Club Solid Snake statue to be auctioned

Snake! Snake? Snaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Oh, wait. He’s not real. But the Sam’s Club one-of-a-kind Old Snake statue looks pretty real, and the best part is that you could possibly own this fine piece of realism. 

Well, if they wanted to achieve the ultimate in realism, they would need to change his Octo-camo suit color to better blend in with 200 lb bags of rice and massive (and pointless) stainless steel BBQ grills. Those warehouse store jokes never get old! Oh, and he’s not doing his “ball cup” pose either.

Sam’s Club worked with Konami and Phillips Sales (whoever the hell they are) to make this statue, and they will be auctioning it off on their Web site next week. You’ll need to hit up this page and search “metal gear solid” if you’re interested in bidding.

Would you like an Old Snake in your home? Wouldn’t it freak your visitors out a bit to enter your place and see this statue? Oh, and don’t you hate those huge steel BBQ grills? What the hell is the point? A $2000 hunk of metal to grill (and burn) $3 supermarket frozen hamburger patties?

[Via CheckOutBlog – Thanks, Joe]

Dale North